GFI Digital: A Good Year

As GFI Digital continues to have a great year we contribute our success to many key initiatives. We believe in providing our customers with the absolute best in customer service, this includes our average emergency response time exceeding industry benchmarks and keeping a detailed look at billing for accuracy in order continuously impress our customers and keep customer retention up.

Every year we have an annual meeting to discuss ways to keep customers happy and review the financials. Our practice of open book management has not only created a goal oriented environment but has also created a stronger bond among the employees. Every employee is incentivized at GFI, meaning, if we hit our business plans and departmental goals each employee receives an extra weeks pay. With our committed employees driving success and an environment that promotes this behavior we are able to provide our customer with the level of service they deserve. Thank you to all of our GFI customers and for your loyalty us.

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