For many companies a huge unaudited expense is printing. According to Gartner Group print cost range in-between 1-3% of overall revenue. Think about how many printers you have in your office. Ask yourself, do you know what my employees are printing? How much they are printing? How much they are spending on their toner? How often they are buying their toner? How often they are getting the device repaired or a maintenance kit put in the machine? If you said no to any one of these questions you’re not alone. We have seen it all. To companies that have no idea what printers are in their fleet of output devices to companies that couldn’t even tell us what is in their supplies closet. With the total cost of operations on a printer you must look at the cost of the device itself, toner, labor, and parts. When you break all those components down into a cost per page you, can then quickly see what how much a machine is costing you. Once this baseline is discovered, you are able to quickly determine what device is cost efficient and which ones are draining your pocketbook. Sounds easy right? Well, the hardest part for most companies is getting a handle on all the devices, toner, labor, and parts in the first place.

At GFI we have developed a quick strategy to help you get a handle on what your printing is costing you. We use software that is able to track all networked and un-networked devices. This software allows us to view devices, age of technology, supplies levels, and meters. The age of your fleet is important because some older machines may not work with new operating systems or updates. With our proactive approach, we would realize that before there was a problem and go ahead and replace the machine to eliminate any possible downtime. We also have a team of analyst who work with you in taking physical inventory and working with your account to continuously drive down cost. With a true managed print services program you have to continuously monitor your fleet due to your ever changing business. Once you understand your print environment you are then able to make educated decisions on your fleet of devices and bring money back to your bottom line.

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