Many companies are looking for ways to capture, manage, and share all digital documents, effectively ending the risk of lost or misfiled documents. Using powerful document management software and hardware can make your company more secure and efficient changing the way you do business.

At GFI we wanted a Document Management partner that could focus solely on your digital imaging needs so we partnered with Powerflow Solutions. With Powerflow, we can create a customized solution to meet your unique needs and eliminate the reliance on paper. Your paper documents are scanned and converted to a high-resolution image, then stored in an indexed database on your network. Once there, they can be shared, viewed, distributed, and printed on demand.

Much of the hardware needed to implement a “paperless” document management process is probably already in your office. Typically, a scanning device and computer are all that is required. However, some scanners and computers are more appropriate than others. With partners like Sharp and Ricoh we can assist in evaluating your current hardware and provide you with options for hardware enhancement and increased productivity.

There is also the option of file conversion services. If you don’t have the resources or staff to convert the documents either one time or on a monthly basis we can provide the staff and hardware necessary at our secure offsite location and either arrange for a certified destruction of the paper document or return them to you.

With Document Management you can easily and effectively capture, manage, and share you documents securely. Whether you are interested in easy retrieval, disaster recovery, or saving the environment Powerflow is the right solution for any business. Contact us today to learn more!

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