If you’re in business you understand the importance of goals. You must set your companies destination and rally your troops behind it. Some simple rules to follow is to keep it simple, over communicate it, make sure it is understood, and make it relevant. At GFI we have always been interested in goals and action plans. Last summer we got our management team together and we challenged them to come up with a goal or theme that our people needed to improve on. We came up with BIF: Be Better, More Intense, and Have Fun!

Be Better
The “Be Better” concept was agreed upon to focus on the importance of continuous improvement in ourselves. We always need to be learning new things whether it’s how to manage better, communicate more effectively, learn a new application, or learn a new technology. These new skills have given our employees more confidence, higher satisfaction with their job, and a sense of accomplishment and contribution to the company. Being better at what we do and how we do it is the key to continuous growth with any company.

More Intense
The “More Intense” concept was reached when we discovered the power of passion. We want our employees to be passionate about what they do and about GFI. We want to inspire our people to inspire others. We have created a company with the best technology, the best service, and most importantly built it with the best people. With this level of service, our employees are confident when they say, “We are the best.”, and they say it with a degree of passion. We have also noticed that the passionate employee works harder, longer, and has a higher level of work satisfaction. It was obvious we had to make it part of our “rally cry.”

More Fun
Why not? The “More Fun” concept was created because we work hard so we need to play hard. We want to have fun at work and in life. When we have fun together it does a number of things for the employee; it creates loyalty, a higher degree of satisfaction at work, better team cohesiveness, and serves as a great stress reliever. At GFI we like our fun so we have volleyball tournaments, volunteer together, go to sporting events, fun quarterly meetings, paintballing, bowling tournaments, or just take a Friday afternoon and meet up for a few drinks. By having more fun, we have noticed that our employees are more productive and work better within their team environments. All of these reasons are why having “More Fun” was key to our goal.

Once we established these goals, we launched the Be Better, More Intense, Have Fun (BIF) concept at our Annual Meeting. We had everyone wear “BIF” buttons, we had signage all over the banquet hall, and we over communicated its importance to the team. The buttons that were handed out in the meeting were worn all night and even get worn on a daily basis at work. Our people believe in this goal and when asked about the button they explain BIF with passion. BIF is our goal and the results of creating this concept have been a great ROI for GFI and for our employees.

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