The backbone of DigitalNET support, unique to GFI Digital is our Help Desk housed within our Network Operation Center (NOC). To manage and maintain technology, almost all large organizations have a NOC that contains Help Desk Professionals using the latest advanced technology to manage IT resources and devices. However, most small and medium size businesses cannot afford to acquire such technology or staff it with the required professionals. Because GFI currently manages over 10,000 devices, we had to make that investment. The Helpdesk has been beneficence to us internally and to our customers that have any IT related questions or issues.

Our GFI Support System is broken down into tiers and allows us to respond to your needs immediately and efficiently. All service requests are handled by our staff of highly trained and certified Technical Engineers. Depending on the level of support you need, all service calls are routed through our support system and then directed to one of our three tiers of support:

Tier 1 – Low Level Support: At this very basic level of support, we are able to correct simple computer and networking issues in a very short time remotely.

Tier 2 – Mid-Level Support: At this mid-level support, we are able to identify and correct more complex issues in a timely manner both remotely and on-site if needed.

Tier 3 – Top Level Support: At this high level support, we handle the most complex issues for workstations, servers, and networks.

Virtual Level Support: At GFI, we have a robust system that automates and proactively pushes patches and updates after business hours.

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