In the last decade, technology has become a vital part of virtually all small and mid-sized businesses. Simultaneously, technology has grown more complex and difficult to stay on top of in even the most IT-savvy organizations. In today’s business climate, it is more critical than ever that a company’s technology function, maintenance, management and advancement align with its business functions and objectives. Employing a specialized partner to manage MNS offers numerous business benefits, including:

Cost Savings – Since IT is likely not a core competence, it can almost always be managed and maintained more efficiently and economically when it’s performed by highly trained specialists that are optimally utilized based on need.

Optimized Performance – Proactive monitoring and maintenance, including timely and thorough implementation of standard patches, updates and upgrades, eliminates many issues before they even occur and ensures systems are at peak performance. Like changing a car’s oil, systems perform best when regularly and proactively maintained.

Visibility – IT is generally somewhat of a mystery to business owners and executives that don’t have technical backgrounds. When IT is managed as a service, business executives receive unbiased and regular feedback on IT operations, such as whether or not the IT function is best serving business needs, being proactively maintained to prevent problems or if IT spending is justified and at appropriate levels based on actual need.

Predictability – Regular maintenance means minor issues are addressed before they become serious problems, making system performance, up-time and spending more consistent and predictable.

IT Strategy – There’s a distinction between simply “keeping everything running” and maintaining an IT strategy and plan to continuously improve and optimize the IT function to changing business needs. MNS provides virtual CIO capabilities and value without carrying the full time overhead cost of an IT professional of that caliber.

Risk Mitigation
– As business has grown more reliant on technology, it has also become more susceptible to the inherent and varied threats resident to technology operations, including data and system integrity, viruses, malware, spyware, insufficient back-up or redundancy practices, regulatory compliance issues, reliance on specific IT resources/administration, lack of disaster recovery and system documentation, etc. Whether dedicated IT resources exist or not, virtually no business has the bandwidth to have all the true business risk bases covered. MNS provides complete peace of mind that the IT infrastructure is protected in the event of natural disasters, malicious technology attacks, disgruntled current/former employees and other common threats.

MNS is a strategic way to efficiently and effectively manage and optimize IT infrastructure, assets and operations. Whether MNS is utilized to completely manage and maintain the IT function or simply to augment and work in tandem with existing dedicated IT resources, it provides a high value best practice for improving business continuity, efficiency and productivity.

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