Why Service Excellence?

Any service organization knows the key to keeping customers happy is to provide excellent service. In most cases, it is not the equipment that is the problem; rather, it’s how it is being serviced. Think of it like a car, without routine maintenance; oil changes; system checks, etc., our cars would literally fall apart. Even if you have an expensive car, it will still break down if it does not receive regular maintenance. We know we have to maintain our vehicles, now it’s time to decide where to go for service. Do we choose the oil place that just changes the oil, or do we go to the one where they change the oil, run diagnostics, refill and check the fluids, clean the filters, vacuums, and then follow up with you on what they found? I choose number 2. The same is true for your copiers. Regardless of the copier, you must find a service provider that will provide your system with the highest level of support. You want a technician that is efficient, professional, and can quickly get you up and running. After the problem is fixed, you want the technician to check the machine and fix any issues that could arise in the future (they should even clean it for you). Once complete, they should give you a report or follow-up of the repairs.

This proactive approach to maintaining multifunctional devices is exactly what keeps our costs low and our customer satisfaction high. We are so well known for our excellent service, that year after year we win the Pro’s Elite Award for Service. This award is only awarded to one dealer per market and GFI has consistently earned this award. We track device up-time and bonus our technicians based on how long the system stays running. All technicians follow our Total Call Procedure on every call, every time. Attached you will find a copy of GFI’s Total Call Procedure, the Pro’s Elite Award Flyer and our DigitalTECH corporate brochure.

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