The IT Assessment is a process used to gather a precise, unbiased and expansive understanding of an organization’s IT infrastructure, assets, performance and costs. The highly analytical information and insight resulting from an IT Assessment differs from other, more general “network analyses” which often overlook critical deficiencies, don’t take business objectives into account, or fail to address specific customer concerns, and overlook future technology needs and growth.

Latent Vulnerabilities and Threats Can Have Disastrous Results

Security breaches, data loss and disasters are unfortunate realities that most businesses will experience at some point in time, yet a vast majority of business owners possess a false sense of immunity from such threats. Even in light of recent and constant high profile security breaches, scandals, disasters and data loss in billion dollar corporations, many small and medium size businesses (SMBs) still rely precariously on old, legacy firewalls and out-of-the-box “fail-proof” backup systems, which are alarmingly insufficient for protecting their most valuable business assets.

According to a recent study by Ponemon Research Institute, 90% of all organizations surveyed have had a security breach in the last 12 months. More than half of the CEO’s of those companies breached felt their IT infrastructure was “moderately to well protected” from invasion prior to the security incident, but couldn’t elaborate as to what kind of protections they had in place or how they knew they were sufficient.

When it comes to data security, backup and recovery, it’s not uncommon for business owners and CEO’s to be under-informed of just how vulnerable their business really is to the myriad of potential causes of data loss, including security breaches, viruses/ malware, hardware failures, current/former employee tampering and other “disasters” that run rampant today.

How can a business owner or executive be sure their network is secure, their back- up systems are functioning proper and ve, critical data is safe?

How do they know if their IT infrastructure is optimally aligned with their specific and ever-changing business needs?

How can a non-technical business executive be really sure that “everything is under control” related to IT systems, security, operations and costs?

Without knowing the risks and vulnerabilities lurking within a company’s IT infrastructure, it’s nearly impossible to know for sure how secure or stable it really is, let alone develop an appropriate remediation and ongoing management strategy. Our IT Assessment will reveal any deficiencies and risk factors so they can be objectively addressed, investigated and resolved before they become dangerous liabilities with detrimental and often business-threatening consequences.

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