Whether employed to completely manage the IT function or simply augment existing IT personnel to enable them to focus on more high value business-critical initiatives, MNS is a best practice for improving business continuity, efficiency and productivity by optimizing IT performance, reliability and cost/service predictability as a service.

MNS includes monitoring, management, planning and optimization for the IT infrastructure and operations – delivered by highly trained, experienced and certified IT subject matter experts as a core competence. By utilizing a central team of experts, customers gain access to a deeper and more expansive knowledge and service base than would be economically viable to staff for most small and medium-sized organizations. MNS offers right-sized access to these resources and capabilities as a “shared” and “utility” service for businesses.

Shared – Much like other managed services delivery models, MNS provides a centralized “engine” of services that organizations can leverage as much or as little as needed based on their specific business needs. The vast capabilities come without the investment and management burdens of having to hire highly trained, expensive and diverse resources that may or may not actually be fully utilized on a full time basis.

Utility – Unlike full time resources, organizations only pay for what they specifically need and utilize under the MNS delivery model. As a result, capabilities and services are optimized and appropriately matched to actual need, providing cost savings, efficiencies and access to a diverse spectrum of knowledge and experience that aren’t typically feasible to hire on a full time basis.

GFI Digital is a managed services provider that specializes in the procurement, assessment, repair, maintenance and management of vital office technologies, such as computer networks and related servers, switches and workstations, multifunction printers and copiers, scanners, and desktop printers. GFI Digital deploys their services though a sophisticated and local network operating center, experienced and certified service engineers, and highly trained sales consultants, and has access to an array of world class technology products.

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