The DigitalNET Advantage

DigitalNET is designed to optimize the management of a company’s IT infrastructure and assets while providing far more customer benefits than a check list of “monitoring” services.

Strategic Consulting
With DigitalNET Comprehensive, businesses benefit from Virtual CIO (VCIO) strategic planning insight and advising without carrying the full time overhead cost of an IT professional of that caliber. From strategic consulting on how to maintain, plan and expand system-wide IT, to quarterly asset reviews, DigitalNET ensures a company’s present and future business goals are aligned with IT spending and planning.

Single Vendor Benefits and Efficiencies
With DigitalNET, companies benefit from working with a single vendor for all IT device management, maintenance and services, from coordinated and consolidated billing to improved efficiency and only having to call and coordinate with one vendor when help is needed.

Cost Savings and Predictability
With the regular monitoring and maintenance provided under DigitalNET, many issues or threats are typically identified and addressed before they become visible and serious problems for the business. In addition, proactive patch management means updates are installed promptly and systems stay up-to-date and healthy, which in turn reduces IT spending and makes future costs more predictable.

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