Advancing Your Career

GFI is an organization that promotes from within whenever possible. It is GFI’s belief that its best chance to succeed is to fill the organization with employees who, not only believe in its principles and philosophies, but incorporate them into their everyday lives. While many employees within GFI want to advance or get promoted within the organization, they have to have a realistic understanding of how they fit in with the team. This individual may have the drive, knowledge, ambition, and motivation; however, how are they perceived by their team or how do their decisions impact other employees? Are they a mentor? Are they respected and/or motivating to their teams? Do they provide the guidance, education and initiative needed to be a successful leader?

The interview is an integral part of the promotion process. This process is not used as a means to confuse or derail an individual but rather to gain a baseline for who this person really is, their goals, personality, and if that truly represents the vision and mission of GFI.

We ask every candidate questions like:

Describe to me the individuals that influence you?

This helps us assess an individual’s range of influencers and advisors. Their answer helps us evaluate who they consider a mentor and why. It can provide valuable insight into an individual’s makeup and personality.

What management style would you prefer?

Depending on an employees’ chosen career path, his question helps us determine what management style they prefer. When we assess what they like in a manager, it makes it a little easier to determine how that individual is going to lead and if that falls in line with our culture. Some characteristics we look for is responsibility, self-discipline and personal accountability.

How would your peers describe your personality?

Likability is hard to attain. Our customers have to like you before they can trust you and buy from you. Same goes for leaders – Employees have to like you before they can trust you, follow you and be motivated by you.

If you looked behind you, is anyone following you? Why?

Are you the go-to person in the office? Do you connect with your co-workers? Are you consistently invited to company outings and events? If so, then this places an employee in a good spot for a promotion.

GFI’s culture is unique. Some employees may thrive more successfully in different environments. We believe placing the right people in the right positions at GFI. A large part of that is understanding what it takes to become a leader within our organization. Once you understand that, the promotion you are looking for just might be around the next corner.

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