GFI Digital, Inc. has provided service vehicles from our first day in business. Every six months we review how this is working versus paying mileage to our techs. To supply vehicles versus paying mileage represents a very small cost savings to the company but the benefit to our employees far out way any cost justification.

We were recently challenged on what to use as service vehicle. The Transit Connects are very well accepted but we have had several early service issues and are concerned they won’t have a long enough life.

Ford recently instituted a special that allowed us to trade in ten of our oldest Ford Rangers on ten Ford F-150’s for the same price as the Transit Connects. The Ford F-150 is a stronger, longer life vehicle but our concern is the gas mileage. If the mileage works out and the ten techs that have them give good reviews, we expect this to be a viable option going forward. We will keep you updated on how the test is working as the year goes on.

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