GFI held its Annual Meeting on January 11, 2014 at The Lodge of the Four Seasons in Lake of the Ozarks, MO where, Bruce Gibbs, GFI’s President, introduced the theme for 2014: ALL FIRED UP!

After a recap of the results for 2013, Bruce illustrated how the three components of GFI’s 2013 theme, BIF (Be BETTER, More INTENSE, Have FUN) was a key ingredient to our success in 2013.  He also reemphasized the importance of using The Advantage and the Great Game of Business to become better business professionals. Management by Objective, which uses Open Book Management to educate employees on how to understand a company’s financial statements, will be an ongoing focus for 2014.

Dave “The Shef” Sheffield gave an inspirational presentation on how every employee is an integral part of the organization.  He also emphasized the importance of being positive and how it contributes to a successful company.  Surrounding yourself with positive people makes everyone feel energized and more upbeat thereby creating an atmosphere conducive to growth and success.

Congratulations to all our Fourth Quarter and Annual Award winners who were honored at the evening banquet. The evening was capped off by dinner, dancing, and lots of prizes. We are definitely ALL FIRED UP for 2014!

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