One Word…

Each new year brings new resolutions, which are usually broken in 24 days on average. With the greatest intentions come early disappointment and the reality of failure. Our lives continue without a single thought of the promises we make each year- no thought is given to previous disappointments year after year, only in the present. To simplify this, we should think of a single resolution consisting of a single word. For instance, the word “consistency” comes to mind after reflecting on the advice of Bruce Gibbs during the annual meeting a few weeks ago.

Consistency is crucial in the success of a business. Being consistent allows us to measure our effectiveness and maintain the goals set in our mission statement. Consistency not only increases the value of our business, it promotes confidence among our customers and contributes to our ongoing growth and success. Webster defines consistency as: (an) agreement, harmony or compatibility, especially correspondence or uniformity among the parts of a complex thing. And the condition of cohering or holding together and retaining form; solidity or firmness. As a company, the teamwork and tradition of this definition have provided us with many years of success and celebration.

The pins provided at the annual meeting read BIF (Better, Intense, Fun). These ideals, along with consistency, are the foundation of success throughout 2014. Be BETTER, takes the consistency of 2013 to the next level of performance. Be INTENSE, blows the roof off of consistency in sales and support. And have FUN brings us all together, sharing a common goal to make 2014 the best year GFI has had yet.

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