As the NHL and NBA seasons draw to a close and Major League Baseball gets underway, we are reminded of the strength and dedication of professional athletes. They spend countless hours studying and training their minds and bodies to perform at the highest level in their respective sport. None of these athletes were born with the skills to make them “professionals”. All of them began developing their skills during their youth, dreaming that someday they would be paid to do what they love, play a game. Although none of us will ever become professional athletes, we can gain inspiration from their success in their chosen profession.

Sports and business have several similarities- fierce competition, winning by sometimes the smallest margins, achieving goals and targets, long-term and short-term strategies and tactics, hard work, perseverance, and teamwork. Athletes and business professionals alike are always looking to gain the edge on their competition and it is imperative that they overcome intense pressure, stay focused, and bounce back from setbacks.

Each one of us chose a profession at some point in our lives. Whether it was in our freshman year in college or a mid-life career change. The path to a successful fulfilling career requires hard work, study and experience. The best of the best in our professions make it to the highest levels of achievement, whether that is salary, title, or a sense of fulfillment. One of these three would be nice, but true success is to fulfill all three.

Professional athletes have reached all three. Salary, even the minimum is more than most of us will ever make. Title, they are professionals, doesn’t get higher than that! And a sense of fulfillment…they play the game they love for a living!

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