This year, the GFI Digital team proudly celebrates 15 years of successful business. The company’s growth from 5 employees to over 200 has allowed them to span their offices to 8 locations within the Midwest. GFI eagerly aspires continued growth over the next 15 years while employing the core values of a family owned business.

“I am in for 15 more years…”  -Bruce Gibbs

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  1. 03/16/2015 at 7:20 am
    Rick Foerst says:

    We have been doing business with Bruce and his team for most of the 15 years and we have been 100% satisfied.My experience with the sales team has been top notch, meeting all our needs.

    The service department(although we had not had to use them much) has a great response time, and no 2nd trips to fix a problem that I recall.

    Look forward to another 15 Bruce.

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