A recent study by the Gartner Group determined that the average business spends 1-3% of its annual revenue on document output. As more and more color documents are produced the expense is expected to increase dramatically. Since most companies have multiple vendors for printing supplies and service, a majority of companies have no idea what they truly spend on office printing.  By partnering with a Managed Print Service (MPS) provider, your business can save up to 30% of printing costs.

So what are some of the hidden costs associated with printing?

1) No Rules for Printing

Assigning rules for printing will save your company money. An effective system for monitoring printing can include managing color prints, defaulting to draft quality output, or setting default printing to double-sided.

2)  Color Outsourcing

Printing color in house can be typically less expensive than outsourcing to a local printing company. Color documents are essential to grab attention and attract customers, yet can waste money if not used properly.  Our advice is to be conscious of sending grayscale prints to a color copier when a black and white version will suffice.

3) Your IT Staff

When copiers go down or any other problem arises your IT staff has to take time out of their day to correct the issue, no matter how simple the fix. Interruptions in your staff’s day means a lag in productivity and efficiency.  A managed print service provider can respond and resolve the problem in a matter of minutes, which includes the option for a technician to come out and fix the issue without slowing down your internal staff.

4) Personal Printing

Printing personal documents at the office is a common fault we are all guilty of. Whether it be paperwork for your kids’ school, recipes, or invitations, widespread personal printing will add up and cost your company money overtime.

5) Personal Printers

Having a personal printer at your desk may seem like an efficient strategy because you don’t have to walk as far and your private documents are close by. With that being said, over time the cost of the ink and cartridges makes this system inefficient. Personal documents can be printed using the walk up release option and economically speaking, larger print projects should be printed on larger copiers/printers.  Eliminating multiple personal copiers will maximize efficiency and money.

6) You’re Just Not Sure

You may not even know how much you print. So how can you manage something that you don’t even measure?  Not knowing what your company really needs when it comes to printing means you could be wasting money and running an inefficient system.  Each business has unique IT needs, GFI Digital can identify those needs and create solutions based on your company’s technology goals and financial objectives.


If you identify with one or more of these unexpected costs it’s time to choose the right mix of equipment for your business. Maximizing printer/copier efficiency and management will help to maximize profits!

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