On January 28th GFI DIGITAL Celebrated 2016 Accomplishments during the Annual Meeting held at The Lodge of the Four Seasons in Lake Ozark, MO.

President, Bruce Gibbs announced GFI’s new theme for 2017 at the meeting and all departments are eager & excited to be a TOTAL TEAM for 2017. The meeting recognized our 4th Quarter Award Winners, Annual Award Winners, Star Employees, Warehouse Warriors, & Top Service Bonus Winners.

The meeting ended with our special guest Senior Partner of PRO’s Elite, Steve Rolla speaking about his accomplishments and the people who got him where he is today. Steve’s presentation theme was capitalized in a short statement “Ultimately …comes down to making your bed and changing diapers”. Thank you Steve for a moving speech which energized our team and made the priorities in life very clear.

The evening was capped off by dinner, dancing, and lots of prizes. CONGRATS TO ALL OF OUR AWARD WINNERS AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO A TOTAL TEAM IN 2017!


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