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I hereby affirm that I have the authority to authorize, and I authorize GFI Digital, Inc. to connect the multifunctional print device and/or printers, scanning software and print tracking software to our network, based on the network information provided in this site survey. I agree that the installation can be done on our company server and up to 5 workstations by your staff with my authorization. I agree to indemnify GFI for any post-installation issues that may arise regardless of their origin, and will resolve, or contract with a third party to resolve, any maintenance, repair or support issue that arise after the installation of the multifunctional device.

A representative of our company or I will be present for the installation and will provide the adequate credentials to allow installation of the drivers and/or software on the server and workstations. Please do not connect the equipment to my network if (named representative) or I are not present. Installation will be performed as soon after delivery as is possible.

Please Note: You must fill out multiple Site Surveys if equipment is being delivered to multiple locations.

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Please select what type of power is available for the connected device.

IT Contact with the knowledge and rights needed to complete the installation:

By typing in my name, I hereby confirm the above information to be accurate and agree to the above terms and conditions.

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