Document Management

digitalDOCDigitalDOC allows you to capture, manage and share all digital documents, effectively ending the risk of lost or misfiled documents. Using powerful document management software and hardware, we offer services such as document workflow consultation, document process automation and paper-to-digital conversion. GFI provides you with so many ways to improve your bottom-line with increased efficiency and reduced risk to compliance issues.

Document Life Cycle Analysis

GFI Imaging Consultants will apply experience and expertise to organize your documents and connect you with the information you need to run your business efficiently. By striking a balance between security and accessibility, a process can be designed to protect your information while providing efficient access to keep staff working at maximum productivity. We will design a system that will scan, capture, convert, distribute, index, store, search and retrieve any document in seconds, and recommend the best hardware and software to implement such a system. Our staff will also assist you in acquiring, installing, maintaining, and training staff on your new system.

Document Management Software

GFI adopted PowerFlow Digital Documents, a document management solution designed to meet your specific needs. Each unique solution can be customized to your needs and eliminate the reliance on paper. Your paper documents are scanned and converted to a high resolution image, then stored in an indexed database on your network. Once there, they can be shared, viewed, distributed and printed on demand. Find files faster, organize documents easily, save space and distribute information in a flash!

Document Management Hardware

Much of the hardware needed to implement a “paperless” document management process is probably already in your office. Typically, a scanning device and a computer are all that is required. However, some scanners and computers are more appropriate than others. With partners like HP, Dell, Sharp and Ricoh, we can assist in evaluating your current hardware, and provide you with options for hardware enhancement and increased productivity.

File Conversion Services

Whether you have legacy documents that need to be converted to electronic format or do not have the staff to convert current documents on a monthly basis, GFI can provide the staff, software and hardware to convert your documents, save the electronic versions on a DVD, and either arrange for certified destruction of the paper documents or return them to you, all at a great rate. You can start converting documents today with no large upfront investment. We can even come and pick up the documents from your office.

Disaster Recovery and Help Desk

GFI has available, secure off-site storage for your electronic documents to keep them safe as a part of any prudent disaster recovery plan. In addition, our Live Help Desk is always available to answer all of your questions regarding your Document Management System.

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