Managed Network Services

digitalNET-1DigitalNET is our solution to all your IT needs, from basic HelpDesk support to engineering a Cloud based environment. What makes DigitalNET unique is our approach, our people and our commitment to educating our customers and empowering them to make solid IT decisions based on each customer’s unique IT & technology goals & budget.

Remote Managed Services

Your network is managed effectively and efficiently with a remote management suite. Instant notification of problems or changes such as low disk space, processor spikes and memory issues are managed through user-defined system monitoring. A patch module proactively updates all your machines AFTER HOURS with the latest security patches and updates, and keeps every machine on your network accessible for secure, remote logins from anywhere. Each month, you will receive a detailed report on what updates were made to your network.

Email Spam Filtering

Our award-winning hosted spam filtering will block spam, viruses, phishing schemes, offensive content, hacking attacks, and other threats. Spam is filtered before going to your network, keeping your on-site network resources from being impacted in any way. You can be assured of receiving all valid emails with the most accurate spam filtering possible.

Antivirus, AntiSpyware and Malware

Only the most sophisticated anti-malware techniques can detect and remove malicious programs such as viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, dialers, spyware, and malware that are constantly evolving and becoming harder to find and remove from your computer. DigitalNET services will quickly detect, destroy and prevent malware – and we keep them updated regularly. All licensing is kept up to date under DigitalNET.

Safe and Secure Off-site Backup

GFI’s off-site data backup recovery service is used to backup a snapshot of your entire database to a cloud-based, secure and redundant co-location. Through an automated process, our engineers can quickly recover and restore your data, even when recovering to a dissimilar system. Let GFI give you peace of mind by backing up changes to your critical data throughout the day.

Live Help Desk

With our Live Help Desk, you will speak with a local network engineer at GFI’s Network Operating Center. Our engineers can “virtually” sit at your workstation or server, diagnose, and repair your computer issue instantly while you watch, keeping you informed all the way. Most times, your issues are solved in minutes!

On-site Support and Consulting using Microsoft Certified Engineers

Available by subscription is on-site service and support by Microsoft Certified Engineers ready to perform on-site tasks as required. Our network engineers will also provide consulting on your current use of technology and inform you of what new technologies are available to improve your business performance.


GFI proactively maintains your network, as opposed to you calling for IT support and waiting for a response which sometimes takes hours or days with other IT companies. All updates, patches and routine maintenance can be scheduled around your schedule, not ours. This allows your employees to be more productive and not interrupted during routine maintenance. If trouble is found, one of GFI’s dedicated Microsoft Certified Help desk Engineers will promptly respond to the issue during normal business hours, or dispatch an engineer to your site if needed. In most cases this approach allows us to proactively respond to problems before our customers are aware they even have one.


GFI offers a wide range of service offerings to fit your needs. We understand that each customer has unique needs, therefore we customize our plans to ensure our customers are getting the services they need and not paying for services they don’t. Our plans can fit almost any budget or business size.


We understand that communication is key, our Sales Engineers are trained to listen to your unique needs, from the beginning of the process and never stop. Unlike other IT service providers, GFI is committed to your IT success and we prove this with our ongoing commitment to communicate at scheduled intervals and plan out your IT roadmap to success.

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