Managed Software Solutions

Software Solutions Guide

At GFI we partner with multiple software companies to ensure you get the most out of your digital scanning and auditing experience.

cloud-smallWhether you are interested in scanning to the Cloud, creating customized workflow scan buttons on your MFD, Scanning directly into just about any line of business systems, OCR converting, barcode scanning, or even mobile scanning and printing GFI can customized a solutions package that works with your equipment.

Listed below are some examples of the benefits of an integrated software program.

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Advanced Scanning:
• OCR (optical character recognition)
• Integration to any line of business system
• Document cleanup
• Blank page removal
• Zone OCR
• Zone erase
• Barcode recognition
• Burst scan/separator page/batch scan
• Browse network folders
• Card authentication
• Bates stamp
• Customize file names
• Watermarking/digital signatures
• Workflow “hot” buttons or hot folders
• Load balancing
• Fail over support
• Cloud scan/print
• Redaction
• Scan to desktop folders
• PDF/A, searchable PDF, Excel, Word, XPS
• Microsoft Exchange integrations
• Auto folder creation
• Scan to Webdav
• Image Preview on MFP

Advanced Printing:
• Variable data
• Web based print
• Cloud services
• Mobile print
• Cost accounting
• Forms print and design
• Overlays
• Bates stamp
• Merging and composing

Cost Accounting:
• Print/copy tracking
• Rules based printing
• Cost recovery
• Monitor load and error events
• Secure print release (follow-me-print)
• Web print/driverless print
• Mobile printing
• Web interface dashboard for tracking
• Card authentication compatibility

Advanced Security:
• Document encryption
• Usage tracking
• LDAP authentication
• User tracking
• CAP (card authentication protocol)
• Single sign on support

Advanced Faxing:
• In-Bound routing
• PC Fax
• Integration into fax servers

Device Management:

• Remote management
• Remote monitoring
• Automatic alerts
• Reporting dashboard

• Convert text to audio
• Fillable Forms
• Searchable PDF
• Bates Stamp
• Compose/Merge
• Convert docs to other applications

All the options listed above can be customized to whatever fits your unique business needs. With so many low cost options that could exponentially increase productivity and efficiencies in your workflow it’s a great return on investment. Contact us for more information.