4 Key Factors In Network Management

Any business small or large in this day and age is currently managing their IT environment in some form or fashion. A majority of businesses are not executing this network management role to the fullest without running into everyday obstacles in their work environment. Our team of system administrators & network engineers can consult and strategize with your executive team to overcome challenges you are currently battling. There are 4 important factors when it comes to managing a network properly. 1) Preventing hackers and viruses from corrupting your network with Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, and Malware protection monitoring. 2) Blocking Email Spam Filtering 3) Utilizing our in-depth team of N

What does Outsourcing printing versus Internal printing look like ?

When it comes to business expenses we try to be strategic in spending money. A majority of businesses large and small are currently outsourcing collateral whether it be internal or external documents. Those companies who are outsourcing are throwing a significant amount of money in the trash, allowing for potential security breaches & modifications to confidential documents, and most importantly losing quality over your brand image. These are all problems that can lead to a decline in your bottom line. If you want to produce high quality prints with a quick turnaround, save expenses and storage, and print on-demand throughout your office take a look at GFI Digital's Printer solutions today.

Cape Girardeau moves into New Space

Our Cape Girardeau office has recently moved from William street into a brand new office space off of Bloomfield Rd. With a new layout and many renovations they have hit the ground running and have a solid footprint in the area to continue growing. If you haven't seen the new space please reach out to your current account manager and they can make arrangements for you to come by for lunch and tour the new facilities. We are located in the new strip of offices near Sign Master. We look forward to seeing you!

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