Field IT & Helpdesk Fall Outing 2019

The team believes in Balance and works extremely hard throughout the year to be Accountable to meet and/or exceed their goals, while meeting the demands of the delivery schedule with Integrity. Their Self-Motivated hard work was rewarded with some Fun with a trip to Pole Position Raceway to see who was fastest, better described as team-building. Afterwards, the team headed to Top Golf for more team-building and to enjoy lunch/drinks. The team ended the night with a Family Dinner at Charlie Gitto’s before being released to the Hollywood Casino. When asked what the outings mean to our team members: “I'm glad to be working for a company that goes above and beyond to make a job enjoyable and fu

Strategic Partner with EyeCare Partners!

GFI Digital is proud to be a strategic partner with EyeCare Partners! Click here for more information about this progressive group. The EyeCare Partners are revolutionizing the Optometry and Ophthamology experience!

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