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Executive Vice President of Operations | St. Louis, MO

Jeffrey Cook began a career in the copier industry in 1994 when he had just earned a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering. With several years of experience as a technician and after a brief career in the telecom industry, he joined GFI Digital in 2001. Following a year providing IT and connectivity support, Jeff was promoted to Director of Service and led the Service and IT Departments.


Jeff spent many years in Service before becoming Chief Information Officer, focused solely on IT and leading GFI Digital’s DigitalMPS and DigitalNET programs. After almost 5 years as CIO he was promoted to Chief Financial Officer and in 2020 he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer.


"I love working at GFI Digital because of all the opportunity for growth. It is inspiring to see all the chances we take on people, (like Bruce took chances on me) and see employees excel in their new roles. Their success is what helps make GFI Digital the success it is!"

-Jeff Cook

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