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Imagine what you could do with an extra hour or two in a work day...

No matter the size of your business relying on a Multi-function printer can be a key component in your companies daily routine. Imagine what you could do with an extra hour or two in a work day...

Here are 3 ways we can create productivity & allow you to use your time more efficiently:


Loss in employee productivity can be caused by printer malfunctions and lack of printer upkeep. At GFI Digital we pride ourselves on Service Excellence. When responding to a call we arrive within 4 hours of the call and fix the initial issue. While we are there we focus on taking preventative measures to remove any potential problems that may occur in the future.

Document Management

In order to maximize your time you need an efficient way to manage your workflow & organize your documents. MFP's setup at GFI Digital will allow you to have access to software integration streamlining the way you store & manage your documents electronically. All documents will be accessible at your fingertips.

Removing Steps

MFP's make it easier for the users to manage their everyday obligations. Whether it be submitting invoices & payments, removing these long & tedious procedures will free up valuable time. At GFI Digital we work with World Class manufacturers to tailor each MFP with the latest technical functions to create ease of use for the end user & meet your business needs.

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