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What does Managing your Printer Fleet mean for your business?

Managing your print environment means creating the best operating environment for your business. Managed Print Services at GFI Digital will allow you to be confident your data is secure, while building solutions.

Our MPS analysts will find the total cost of ownership and give you a single point of control to oversee & manage output of your current printer fleet. By doing so, our analysts will provide the following items during their audit process:

  • Review data about utilization & usage of your current print environment

  • Assess printers, IP addresses, and cost effective printing solutions

After reviewing the fleet we will sit down and analyze the best solution for your office. These solutions can typically include but are not limited to:

  • Upgrading firmware

  • Changing print settings

  • Directing desktops to print to the most cost-effective devices

  • Default to black-and-white printing for those who do not need color

  • Organizing & Sharing information quickly to increase productivity

Our goal is to optimize your office infrastructure and improve productivity while reducing costs & unneeded expenses for your business.”

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