Field IT & Helpdesk Fall Outing 2019

The team believes in Balance and works extremely hard throughout the year to be Accountable to meet and/or exceed their goals, while meeting the demands of the delivery schedule with Integrity. Their Self-Motivated hard work was rewarded with some Fun with a trip to Pole Position Raceway to see who was fastest, better described as team-building. Afterwards, the team headed to Top Golf for more team-building and to enjoy lunch/drinks. The team ended the night with a Family Dinner at Charlie Gitto’s before being released to the Hollywood Casino.

When asked what the outings mean to our team members:

I'm glad to be working for a company that goes above and beyond to make a job enjoyable and fun. It’s great to interact with other team members that don’t always get to be around because of locations.”

-Jeff Morris

“It was great! I feel like the company really appreciates its employees. I've never had that with any other company I've worked for. Work hard, play harder!

-Vladimir Pressoir

“I think it’s awesome that GFI Digital cares enough about its employees to provide great outings. It was a great time to see everyone again and connect with my coworkers.”

-Jacob Simpson

Having outings like this where I’m able to see our team, knowing how hard we all work, is really rewarding. Even if the activity isn’t something everyone is into, being able to hang out over a beer is really nice.

-Stephen Reed

Best one yet! It was nice having as many people out as we did. i was a great atmosphere during dinner and hanging out and drinking in between on the bus. Top Golf and Pole Position were great as well. 10/10 Would do again.”

-Jonathan Armstrong

I had a great time at the team outing. I really enjoy getting together with members of the team, especially the guys that are in other branches that I rarely get to talk with. The activities were fun and the food was fantastic. All of this was great tea- building. GFI Digital does team-building more often and better than any company that I know about.”

-Matt Carter