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Cisco Software-Defined Access Overview

Building a Secure and Agile Network for Your Modern Enterprise

The Foundation for Cisco's Intent-Based Network

Software-Defined Access is part of the DNA (Digital Network Architecture) platform.

Built on the principles of intent-based networking, SD-Access helps organizations enable policy-based automation from the edge to the cloud. It gives network architects the tools to orchestrate key business functions like onboarding, secure segmentation, IoT integration, and guest access.

SD-Access automates user and device policy for any application across the wireless and wired network via a single network fabric. It is a transformational shift. It allows IT to set network access in minutes for any user, device, or application, without compromising on security.

Cisco SDAccess Infographic

SD-Access Automates Network Device Provisioning

Complete day-0 to day-N onboarding, configuration, assurance, and optimization.

SD-Access Defines and Applies Group-Based Policies with Better Automation and Scalability

SD-Access Segments the Network and Security Onboards Client Devices

SD-Access Enforces Policy Consistently Over Wired and Wireless Networks

SD-Access Extends Secure Access Policies to IoT Devices

SD-Access Extends Policies Across the Enterprise's Networking Domains

SD-Access Ensures Policies are Being Enforced

SD-Access Provides Zero-Trust Security for the Workplace

SD-Access Identifies and Profiles Devices and Traffic for Defining and Enforcing Group-Based Access Policies

SD-Access Performs Behavior Analytics for Continued Trust Verification

Deploying SD-Access

Wireless Optimize, personalize, and secure your wireless network.

Switches Get a single fabric to help simplify and secure your digital-ready network.

Routers Provide access to applications, services, and integrated technologies.

Cisco DNA Center Manage SD-Access with a central dashboard across the entire network.

Identity Services Engine (ISE) Simplify delivery of identity-based policy for users and devices​.

Cisco DNA Subscriptions Easily buy, manage, and upgrade your network and infrastructure software.


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