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How Healthcare can Benefit from Managed Print Services

A big part of the day to day in healthcare is paperwork! Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare providers need reliable printing equipment to operate effectively. Below are some examples of printed items in this industry:

Some healthcare businesses may have the need to add more devices to their network to increase efficiency. Adding more devices will often achieve just that, but can also add vulnerabilities to security. Security should be a consideration even with copiers and printers!

Adding more devices can also add more things to track, such as ordering toner and supplies. Having a partner like GFI Digital to manage your printer fleet can be beneficial in helping with automatic supply ordering, security, reporting, tracking, and more. The healthcare industry is an ideal match for services like these.

Increased Efficiency & Support

  • Automatic supply ordering – Toner can be automatically shipped before it runs out.

  • Maintenance – GFI Digital offers award winning response time to printer issues.

  • Cost Savings – Many times, managed print solutions can decrease the costs associated with printing and document handling.

Privacy & HIPPAA Compliance

  • Encryption – Documents with patient information are encrypted on the printer’s hard drive so it is protected from hackers.

  • Reporting – Know who has access to and is using the copiers and printers.

  • Print Hold – Print job is sent to the printer and stored on the driver. Printing is not initiated until the user is at the printer to authenticate.

  • Security – GFI Digital offers security solutions, such as firewall, to help protect sensitive patient data in your printer network.

Reporting & Tracking

  • Companies have more visibility of what is being printed. Monthly reports show user print volumes and give leadership insight on potential needs for process improvement.

  • Knowing who has access to the print network is important for both security and accounting purposes.

Contact us today to improve workflow, increase security, and make your day-to-day easier!


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