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Like Problem Solving? So Does Our Sales Team!

Every office has unique needs when it comes to operating their technology and printing equipment. We don't see companies' needs as "one size fits all." At GFI Digital, we have the best sales professionals in our industry. They know their stuff when it comes to finding solutions for our customers. Our sales people love what they do and they help us show that happy employees and award winning service yield absolute customer satisfaction.

Read on for some examples of how we've met companies' unique needs and challenges. We will find the right solution for you, too!

1. Company Type: Metal Manufacturer

  • Problem: They were spending too much money outsourcing invoice templates and printing on desktop printers.

  • Solution: We set them up with a Sharp color copier and managed print services. This ended up saving them hundreds every month.

“They would buy their invoice templates from QuickBooks. They were spending hundreds every month on these. I did a full cost analysis to find out how much they were spending on ink on the Brother printers they had. They were just buying their ink from Staples. Long story short, we were able to give them a brand new Sharp color copier. This saved them money on ink and toner. With the templates, I actually used knowledge from my IT background to create new ones for them and set them up on the copier. We arranged the different colored paper in certain trays of the new copier to make things easier for them. They were happy!”

2. Company Type: Pharmacy

  • Problem: They were under the impression they could only print their prescription forms on desktop printers through the ERP system they use: QS1.

  • Solution: We decided they needed 2 Ricoh copiers instead of all those desktop printers. There would be no increase in cost, but a huge increase in convenience and productivity. We were able to set up the QS1 forms on the copiers!

“They basically had 2 copiers and about 10 printers, but they were supposed to print these forms to those printers. Their software provider had them under the impression that they can only print their prescription forms on an HP printer. We worked with their team to be able to print all these forms from a copier. It’s way faster for them.

Once we were in control if their IT, we learned to work with this QS1 software.

Now, they have 2 copiers that replaced the printers, with no increase in cost or anything, but we made them way more productive.

I can let other pharmacies know about this. If they use this software too, there’s a way to print their forms faster and get them to their patients more quickly.”

3. Company Type: Construction Supplies

  • Problem: They needed new copiers, and the new setup at all 67 of their locations had to be uniform, easy to follow, and customer-specific.

  • Solution: We replaced their old copiers with Ricoh copiers and pre-programmed the buttons to make things very easy and simple for their staff. We set them up with an EFI solution for generating their receipts and scanning bar codes.

“They had 67 locations and all the copiers needed to have the exact same setup and we were replacing their Lexmarks with Ricoh copiers. They needed two reliable ones at the front desk for point-of-sale transactions.

We set up the buttons on the copiers in a way that the less-technologically knowledgeable staff members could easily get what they needed from it.

We got together and set everything up before the copiers were even installed on-site.

Later on, we further customized their solution with software so they could generate receipts for their customers. We implemented another solution to scan the bar codes on these receipts. This allowed for the uniformity they wanted on all their devices across all their locations.”

4. Company Type: Nursing Home (20 locations)

  • Problem: They were over-spending ($10,000/mo on 300 printers) on rental equipment and service from a company in Georgia.

  • Solution: We saved them money by servicing their printers locally and leasing them brand new printers.

5. Company Type: School District

  • Problem: They were overspending on equipment and service with 2 separate companies.

  • Solution: We took over their printer leases and service. They have faster, streamlined, and more reliable service with us. We were also able to cut their costs by over 29%!

6. Company Type: Non-Profit

  • Problem: The employees working from home had no way to print things in the office.

  • Solution: We set them up with the Ricoh print cloud. This was a way to print without a VPN through the Ricoh cloud attached to an email address.

“They wanted to buy a colored copier and they really wanted the ability to have their employees working from home to be able to print. We set them up with the Ricoh Smart Integration so they could use Ricoh Print Cloud. The employees could then easily transfer their print job from home to the office. They can do this anywhere in the world as long as they have access to email.”

7. Company Type: Non-Profit

  • Problem: They had a big print job coming up for a meeting and their current vendor was not taking care of them.

  • Solution: We gave them faster and more reliable service. We got them up and running in time for their big meeting.

“They said they had a big meeting coming up with lots to print, and their current vendor could not be relied upon to take care of them. When I got there, I found out there was literally duct tape holding the finisher to the rest of the machine. It was barely holding on and causing lots of problems.”


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