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The GFI Digital Sales Women Talk About Their Career Journeys

We asked several GFI Digital saleswomen questions about their career paths and the advice they would give.


1 - How did you become interested in sales?

"I was always the kid who had to sell the most candy bars at the school fundraiser. Everyone always said I should be in sales." - Debbie, St. Louis

"I can't remember a time when I was not interested in being in sales! One of my first jobs was in sales and I realized then that it was a natural fit." - Jordon, St. Louis

"I first got into sales because I wanted the flexibility and the ability to make more money. But as the years have gone on, I realize that it's my love for people and my desire to help people that keeps me going. I am a wooer." - Christy, Cape Girardeau

"I first became interested in sales through my college internship with Athletes to Careers. A2C helped athletes land their first job after college and many of these jobs were in sales. Through my conversations with the athletes I worked with and the companies A2C partnered with, my eyes were opened to sales as a career." - Morgan, St. Louis

"My dad" - Carli, Kansas City

"My dad. He came from a very humble background and worked very hard for his success. I remember my parents going on President's Club trips as a kid and asking why my brother and I couldn't come. He said I could earn fun trips too if I worked hard enough, so here I am :)" - Reanne, St. Louis

"My dad is my inspiration for wanting to be in sales! He is going on his 40th year in automotive sales and has hit numerous industry records. He is so passionate & driven and I knew sales was in my blood!" - Jessica, St. Louis

"Most of my family members come from a sales background. Growing up they would always tell me that my outgoing personality was perfect for this type of career. [I've] always been a people person, so sales is a great fit!" - Carly, Kansas City

"I was 22 living in Chicago working in lighting sales and I experienced how rewarding it was helping people. I knew that was what I wanted to do in some form or fashion for the rest of my life." - Misty, Cape Girardeau

"I’d be lying if I said I came up with the path on my own! I’ve always looked up to my dad He is in sales and it always intrigued me having conversation around what he did. It was easy for me to know exactly where I belonged growing up around GFI Digital." - Laura, St. Louis

"My Dad was in Sales" - Susan, St. Louis


2 - How long have you worked at GFI Digital?

The sales women surveyed have worked at GFI Digital for a combined 100+ years!


3 - What are some of your career highlights?

"all the recognition including trips, watches, cars, designer hand bags & accessories." - Debbie, St. Louis

"[A local] School District contract was a big win. After 13 years I finally received a sales rep of the quarter and year award in 2021 for MNS. Making P-Club my first year and every year since then." - Jordon, St. Louis

"Making ETR in quarter 4!" - Carli, Kansas City

"President's Clubs, earning company cars, and being the Total Team Employee of the Year one year. Also signing big, net new deals. Just signed the biggest of my career this week!" - Reanne, St. Louis

"Career highlights: I am very proud of the net news (big or small) that I have brought on over the years. And I am also proud of growing business within my accounts. Nothing beats the feeling of selling a customer all of our services!" - Jessica, St. Louis

"Multiple President Club Awards! :)" - Christy, Cape Girardeau

"Making 2 presidents clubs and earning the company car!" - Carly, Kansas City

"I am fortunate to have many but those that come to mind are, several sales rep of the month, Global Technology Services award and winning the Williams Sausage and UT Martin contracts in my earlier years. You know those moments where you jump up and down and really let out a victory scream. In the copier business; Presidents Club, NN Sales Manager of the year and winning several Net New accounts that has contributed to growth." - Misty, Cape Girardeau

"I could come up with so many. Seriously! Mid year ETR outings, PClub. The car though!!!!!" - Laura, St. Louis

Winning Rookie of the year in 2004 Selling my first 200,000 net new in deal in 2005 and then my first million dollar net new deal in 2016. Being the top sales rep for Managed Print Services, then Managed IT, the All In award , and finally the senior account manager award." - Susan, St. Louis


4 - How do you stay motivated in your role?

"I am motivated by competition and success. I hate losing. : )" - Debbie, St. Louis

"I look for inspiration in my co-workers because everyone brings something unique to their role. We can all relate to the ups/downs that comes along with sales so brainstorming, sharing different ideas & strategies is a huge motivator for me." - Jordon, St. Louis

"I stay motivated by setting goals for myself and with the teams I support and want to make sure we achieve them!" - Morgan, St. Louis

"I stay motivated because I have customers relying on me for assistance, as well as managers relying on me to perform to the best of my ability. And lots of bills to pay (;." - Carli, Kansas City

"I try to look at the positive side of everything. It's easy to stay motivated when you're winning deals and doing good, but that's not always the case. Losing deals or handling tough situations can be draining, but might teach me something. Staying positive and hopeful is the best way to keep the motivated." - Reanne, St. Louis

"I am motivated and get my energy from staying busy and seeing what I have accomplished... I really like the recognition." - Christy, Cape Girardeau

"One of the ways I stay motivated is by creating new ways to prospect or get in front of customers, so that each day feels different. I also find the sense of community in the KC office very motivating. There is always someone willing to lend a hand or to run ideas by. Friendly competition amongst the office squad is often the little push I need, plus all of the fun we have celebrating wins make it easy to thrive in this environment!" - Carly, Kansas City

"My team motivates me! I enjoy helping them and seeing their success. I also replay highlights of my career victories. It fuels me to want more." - Misty, Cape Girardeau

"Remembering my place. Remembering that I have worked so hard to get where I am at today - my pipeline, my car, my income. Remembering my place keeps me motivated because I know I can continue to grow more and more from here!" - Laura, St. Louis

"Its something in me. I always want to win no matter what and be the best. But it’s also easy to stay motivated when you work for such a great company" - Susan, St. Louis


5 - What advice do you have for aspiring women entering the workforce?

"Take responsibility for your own success. Don't limit yourself. Ask other women how they became successful and do what they did." - Debbie, St. Louis

"Be true to yourself. Make Connections. Own your successes and failures. Follow through on commitments and hold yourself to a high standard of reliability, consistency, and credibility." - Jordon, St. Louis

"Be confident in yourself and your abilities and work hard for what you want" - Morgan, St. Louis

"Keep your head up, even on the bad days. And stay positive because everything works out eventually." - Carli, Kansas City

"Work hard and focus on your professional and personal goals. It's important to be part of a team and cheer each other on, but don't get wrapped up in competition or negativity." - Reanne, St. Louis

"Stay positive, work smart, take care of yourself, and keep your eye on the prize!" - Jessica, St. Louis

"I would say to be confident, believe in yourself. Positivity and optimism are so important. I believe that everything happens for a reason. So grasp every opportunity to learn from it and make yourself better. Have goals and work towards those." - Christy, Cape Girardeau

"My one piece of advice would be to go after what you want, and not be afraid to ask the hard questions." - Carly, Kansas City

"Be a leader and a servant." - Misty, Cape Girardeau

"Work twice as hard and smarter than everyone else in your field." - Susan, St. Louis


6 - In the spirit of International Women's Day, is there a particular woman in your life that you look up to?

"My Mom. She did it all and somehow still made raising 6 kids look easy!" - Jordon, St. Louis

"My mom and my sister :)" - Morgan, St. Louis

"My mom!" - Carli, Kansas City

"I've always looked up to my mom. She has the kindest heart. She's the type of person that pulls over and stops traffic to help a turtle cross the road. And practices catch and release if a spider or something got in the house. I love that about her." - Reanne, St. Louis

"My mom! She has always encouraged me to be myself, be kind, and help others when needed. And I believe this gave me the confidence to go out and be the best saleswoman I could be!" - Jessica, St. Louis

"Well, I would be remiss if I didn't say my mother. She is a strong, Godly person and has always led by example. She has supported me and built me up when I need it. She is the glue that holds our family together." - Christy, Cape Girardeau

"The woman I look up to the most is my Mom. She instilled a strong work ethic in me at a young age and was a great woman-in-business role model growing up. She is my biggest fan and number one supporter!" - Carly, Kansas City

"My great grandmother, Marie Cumpton. She was full of humility and that is quality that leaves a lasting legacy." - Misty, Cape Girardeau

"It sounds silly cause I am sure most people say this but, my mom. She came from nothing and has had a lot of things thrown at her in past 20 years and she is still the most positive and happiest person I know." - Susan, St. Louis

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