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Make the Seasons More Marketable with 5th Color

It's officially fall, and with new seasons come new print projects. We are entering the most colorful time of the year!

Attention, printing companies! Offer your customers the richest hues of autumn and the detailed textures of winter with the Ricoh 5th Color Station. The ever growing list of incredible applications will give your business the creative resources to stand out in the world of CMYK. Amaze your customers with clear, white, neon yellow, neon pink, and invisible red toners, as well as an eclectic array of substrates – including synthetics, metallics, linens, magnetics, and heavy weight stocks. With dynamic applications and your unlimited inspiration you can help customers elevate the quality of their seasonal packaging and multi-platform signage.

Autumn and winter months are filled with deeper, richer colors and many opportunities to boost sales.


That’s the Ticket

Use clear toner to apply unique, distinctive security patterns and watermarks — including dates and seals — to tickets. As consumers start heading out to hayrides, football games, outdoor ice skating, holiday shows, and concerts, 5th Color Clear Toner is a great option for customers looking to affordably produce tickets that invalidate duplicates, by design.


A Winter Wonderland with White Toner

Use white toner as a great base layer while working with dark and metallic media. It’s a great way to retain the vibrancy of CYMK for accurate color reproduction. By applying innovative design techniques you could create the look of metallic inks on displays, out-of-home, and packaging, producing an effect that is purely eye-catching and luxurious. Printing on colored media to create dramatic short-run posters, certificates, shelf-talkers, and more, will make the fall and winter months even more beautiful and memorable.

And as you know, white toner makes it simple to print on transparent media, such as window clings for doors and display cases, keeping your messages rich and meaningful throughout each season.


Bring Table Tents to the Table

Get ready for the end-of-year sales and Holiday menus rush. If you have retail or food and beverage customers, offer to help their messages stand up and stand out by blending white toner, neon, and spot colors with CMYK. Use it to announce special offers, limited-time items, and for seasonal menus. From hot beverages to cold weather discounts on winter essentials, table tents offer a practical, affordable and portable way to put key marketing messages right where they are most likely to be seen. Make your customers’ messages three-dimensional and freestanding.


Images as Crisp and Cool as the Season

If your customers want a high-end effect that gives a polished finish to image-driven brand materials, including brochures, business cards, and sell-sheets, clear toner is a terrific application. It enhances the impact and sophistication of brochures, post cards, and posters for theater shows, films, music festivals, ski-trips, and art shows. Give your customers jaw-dropping, head-turning collateral for their can’t-miss events.


Your Invitation to Invite Attention

If invitations and direct mail pieces are in your wheelhouse of expertise, applying clear toner, neon pinks, and neon yellows will allow you to create unique, distinctive design motifs or highlight important dates and times. With all the festivals, parties, celebrations and holiday events this season, the 5th Color clear toner gives your customers affordable means for producing high-quality bulk mailers that engage audiences.


Messages That Stick

Everyone loves magnets and stickers. Easily print on magnetic substrates and adhesive media for magnets, stickers, and window clings that can’t be avoided. This is the perfect application for customer cards, refrigerator magnets, and see-through decals for car windows. Whether supporting youth athletics, school associations, or creating parking decals, you'll help your customers get their message across and make it stick.


Talk to Your Customers Now to Line Up More Autumn and Winter Work

This is the perfect time for solidifying plans and projects. With Ricoh’s 5th Color Station Digital Press, you can free your imagination and take on the kinds of projects that will bring your customers’ ideas to life. With colors and textures that once seemed impossible, you’ll drive results that are as cool as the autumn and winter months — for you and your printing customers.

Contact Us to upgrade your production print capabilities today!


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