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St. Louis Blues

Matt Poling | Sponsorship Executive

The St. Louis Blues have enjoyed a stellar partnership with GFI Digital for over three years. The level of personal commitment and understanding of each other’s value propositions has created a relationship that goes well beyond that of just vendor and advisor.

The Blues have taken full advantage of GFI Digital’s Managed Print Services in our daily workplace. From copiers to printers to supply needs and consultation… GFI has provided our company an “all-inclusive package”’ that helps keep our focus on best serving our fans, our partners and our players.

GFI Digital is more than just a solutions provider, they are a community partner. Through their business network and those of their clients, GFI Digital has made a sustainable impact with a number of charitable organizations throughout the St. Louis area. The Blues are honored to have this relationship and look forward to making a difference in the boardroom, on the ice and in the community for years to come.

Thank you to Bruce Gibbs and the GFI team.

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Boys & Girls Club

Roger McCoy | CPA, MBA, Vice President Administration, Chief Financial Officer

Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City switched to GFI Digital three years ago at all six of our locations. The transition and subsequent implementations of the copiers couldn’t have gone any better. They are continually connecting with our locations to make sure we have everything we need to be as efficient as possible. It is very apparent that service is a top priority.

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Sansone Group

Nick Sansone | Principal

GFI Digital asked to review our current office copier set-up. Though we believed we were locked into long-term leases with another provider, GFI was able to switch out our copiers with better quality machines, while working out our remaining contractual commitments with our previous provider. Not only did we get new and better equipment, but our payments for these services were significantly less that our previous provider. Bottom line: we ended up with better products and better service for a better price. We highly recommend GFI Digital products and services.

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Feed Products & Service Company

Susanne C. Ryan | Account Manager

GFI Digital is a reliable and professional service provider. The consulting team recently upgraded our internet phone system and video surveillance security system and they continue to provide proactive monthly maintenance for all of our PC’s and servers in our company. We truly depend on their expertise and technical knowledge for all of our IT systems needs.

Using a 3rd party vendor is much more cost effective than hiring full time personnel. I am pleased to recommend GFI Digital, as they provide a highly valued service to our business.

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YMCA of Greater Kansas City

Troy Patterson | Sr. Vice President of IT

The YMCA of Greater Kansas City has partnered with GFI Digital since 2007 to provide copier and scanning services to our 20+ metro locations.

Being a non-profit organization, we must be good stewards of our resources. Part of this process requires us to carefully select vendors so that the working relationship is a true partnership. GFI has proven to be a partner time and time again by offering competitive pricing and exceptional service. In addition, they are a community-minded company and have provided volunteer support to several of our youth programs over the years.

It is a welcome change to work with the same staff year over year and know that you can trust that what they say they will do is the same as what they will deliver.

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HM Risk

Mark Alvey | Chief Financial Officer

I can’t tell you enough how pleased I am to be doing business with GFI Digital. The new Sharp machines you installed last month are far better than our previous equipment, and cost less. It’s rare to come across an opportunity to upgrade and save money all at the same time, but GFI made this happen. The transition to the new copiers took place in one morning, and could not have gone any smoother.

It’s apparent now that our previous copier fleet was creating major inefficiencies due to downtime and being “touchy”. I have received a great deal of positive feedback from employees about how fast, quiet and easy to use the new machines are. As soon as they hit the floor, these machines increased employee productivity and morale. Again, I am very pleased to be doing business with GFI Digital, and I would recommend your company to anyone.

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Central / Southern Illinois Building Supply Company

Vice President of HR & Business Development

I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that we have been with GFI Digital for a little less than a year now and we couldn’t be happier! I fill out a lot of the surveys when they come my way, but I wanted to go straight to the top in order to let you know that your company and your team are doing a phenomenal job.

I oversee HR, IT, Marketing, and Outside Sales for the company and I’m not kidding when I say I’m trying to find companies like you in those areas and to be honest…I’m having little to no luck. You are a special company and your growth says a lot about what you are doing.

I want to give a shout out to a specific team member named Jonathon. Jon did not ask me to do this, but I feel like if someone is doing a phenomenal job, the leadership should be aware of it. I cannot begin to tell you the energy, time, and effort he has put into our company and I am extremely grateful for it. I could write a paragraph on all the things he has accomplished for us, but please just take my word that he is one of your best employees. I legitimately don’t know what we would have done as a company without him.

All of the team (Marty, Corey, Dusty) has been such a great addition for us. Thanks for leading a company that puts customers first…you not only set the example for your staff but you set that example for the companies you serve.

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Midwest Transplant Network

Anthony Iezzi | Systems Support Analyst

About a year and a half ago, I was tasked with finding a new vendor to provide our copy and managed print services because the product we were currently using was anything but reliable and the service and support was nowhere near acceptable for our needs. 

During the initial process, a GFI Digital sales representative came out to evaluate our needs and draw up a proposal. During this time she talked about all of the things that she, as our rep, would be doing to ensure that we were happy with the services provided as well as what made GFI Digital stand out from the competition.  

GFI Digital has been there any time I have asked and the service provided by the technicians has been everything she said it would be and more. They always arrive quickly. They almost always have the parts they need on their truck and always do a full check and clean of the machine while they are here.


As far as the machines go, we decided to go with the Sharp MFD’s and could not be happier with the decision. Our staff loves the quality of the devices and the fact that they are easy to use and are very reliable, with amazing print quality. We can do so much more these machines, bringing several print jobs back in house, which allows for faster turnaround, lower cost, and more flexibility. Having used MFDs by other companies such as Lanier, Xerox, and HP, I can say that the Sharp machines can hold their own on all counts and I am confident that they were the right choice for us.

Thank you and your entire team for meeting expectations that I was not sure were possible to meet.

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NextGen RCM Services

Ben Tischler | Vice President 

I have had a successful business partnership with GFI Digital for over 12 years.

In that time, GFI Digital has done an excellent job of maintaining my account and keeping my company up to date with technological advances. My company, NextGen RCM Services (formerly Healthcare Strategic Initiatives), started with copiers sourced from GFI Digital and has since migrated to multi-functional units that can scan, print, fax – including many other features.

Over the last five years, we have commenced to effectively utilize the Managed Print Services program. Currently, GFI Digital cares for our entire fleet of products from multi-functional equipment to all our printing devices, all the while being mindful to bring us great value in the process. GFI Digital has always provided prompt assistance from the service department, from administration, and from their sales professionals.

GFI Digital has also done a wonderful job servicing our locations outside the St. Louis area. We look forward to many more years with them.

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Emery Sapp & Sons

Justin Gay | Division Manager

In 2009, we switched our printer provider to GFI Digital and they have been our exclusive provider for print management ever since. Not only do they take excellent care of us on a daily basis, when we moved to our new location there were many technology upgrades and logistical issues to consider. Andrea and Chris were able to transition our office seamlessly by keeping our previous location up and running while getting the printers in our new location delivered and connected. The superior customer service and response they provide allow us to concentrate on our core business and operate effectively and efficiently.

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Michelle Wood | Operations Manager

As a company with 30 machines, service is a key component when selecting a solutions provider of multi-functional products.

At CBIZ, we can’t say enough about the service we receive from GFI Digital. It has been our pleasure to partner with such an amazing company – from the initial delivery and customer service, to their emergency response times.​ They are truly committed to keeping us up and running!

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Sunnen Products Co.

Bob Davis | Global Communications Manager

Over the past 8 years, Sunnen has gradually transitioned our old in-house print shop into a modern digital copy center. GFI Digital has helped us every step of the way. We now provide print-on-demand service for everything from black/white price lists to full color product brochures. Our costs have dropped dramatically and our waste is near zero. Recently, we upgraded our fleet of walk-up copiers throughout the facility and, by following GFI’s recommendations, we have improved our capabilities, in addition to reducing costs.


To say we are happy would be an understatement!

“From copiers to printers to supply needs and consultation… GFI Digital has provided our company an “all-inclusive package”’ that helps keep our focus on best serving our fans, our partners, and our players.“

-Matt Poling, St. Louis Blues

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