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President | St. Louis, Missouri

A Jefferson City, Missouri native, Bruce began his career at Modern Business Systems (MBS) a family business where his father and mentor—Hallie Gibbs—introduced him to the industry in which he found a passion for improving customer experiences.  As a top performing account rep, he earned his way into sales management. 


He transitioned through the acquisition of MBS to Alco Standard and eventually IKON, where he was challenged to grow a struggling branch.  In the 1990s, after growing from 4 to 160 employees in Chicago, Bruce proved himself to be an industry leader.  In 1999, he moved to St. Louis and started GFI Digital.  In the first year, GFI had 4 employees and $1 million in revenue. 


To date, GFI Digital is thriving with over 350 employees and $90+ million in revenue with growth upward of 10% annually.  Bruce’s commitment to the industry and the markets we serve has afforded us numerous awards and accolades from our vendor partners and customers alike.



To develop and support our customers and employees through our commitment to service excellence.

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