Offering two of the leading copier brands in the industry means we know how to find the right fit for your office environment. Each product line provides unique features to meet your printing & scanning needs.

Our goal is to make your life easier!


Our machines' features will create a customized work environment to increase productivity, allow your business to become more efficient, & create quality prints!


"I have worked with GFI Digital for years. They do all of our printer/copier contracts and to date I believe we have done 30 plus contracts with them in Illinois alone in the past 5 years. They are the premier copier company in Illinois for couple of reasons. Number one: they offer the best price out of the gate every time, and number two: they maintain their machines better than anyone else. If the machine goes down, they get it fixed the same day most of the time. But, since they maintain the machines so well I rarely hear of them going down.”

-Hadley Philips, Unique Homes

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