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Why should your business be using Multi-function Printers with Software Integration?

With the right office technology your business will have access to the tools needed to make the most out of your work environment. The evolved office equipment & software integrations world now offers advanced scanning features, advanced printing features, cost accounting, advanced security features, advanced faxing features, device management, and even desktop controls. Listed below are some examples of what you can achieve through the use of software integrations. Almost all of these advanced features can be combined in a workflow “hot” button and can be placed directly on your digital copier.

At GFI Digital we can get your office equipped with the proper office technology & software integration to improve productivity, streamline your scanning process, & allow users to print from multiple devices.

  • OCR (optical character recognition)

  • Document cleanup

  • Barcode recognition

  • Burst scan/separator page/batch scan

  • Load balancing

  • Fail over support

  • Cloud scan/print

  • Scan to desktop folders

  • PDF/A, searchable PDF, Excel, Word, XPS

  • Microsoft Exchange integrations

  • Auto folder creation

  • Scan to Webdav

  • Image Preview on MFP

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