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Setting Annual Employee Meeting Records

With 2017 wrapped up we know one thing for sure and that is we had another year filled with growth & success in new markets and all departments. As the 2017 ends and the new year begins we made a big push to finalize the books for our Annual reveal at the upcoming Annual Meeting. (Below President & CEO, Bruce Gibbs, Chief Financial Officer, Jeffery Cook, & Controller, Patti Crocker hard at work crunching the numbers for year end.)

With numerous new employees this year we are ecstatic about the responses we have received to the upcoming GFI Digital Annual Meeting. This year will be our 19th year hosting the meeting and we will set the record for the most employees & spouses in attendance to date. The meetings are a HUGE part of our culture & our main purpose for having them is for employees and significant others to be involved in the companies achievements and understanding each person is an intricate part of this puzzle we call business. Without them and their support system we would need not be able to continue to grow year over year.

In preparation for the largest meeting to date we had our Drivers, Chris Smith & Gary Ruether as well as Warehouse Supervisor, Bryan Reitmeyer bring our biggest truck (BIG BLUE) by the warehouse to grab all 100 plus boxes needed for this coming weekend. The truck was packed completely full and is on it's way to the Lake as we speak. We have a lot of fun stuff in store for our employees & spouses on Saturday and we are excited to hear entertainment by Blackjack Billy coming in all the way from Nashville. More pictures and news to follow!

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