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Annual Meeting Celebration

The GFI Digital Annual Meeting was held on January 20th at the Lodge of Four Seasons in Lake Ozarks, Missouri. With all of the build up for our meeting this year & big reveals to announce, including our new theme for 2018 we had a good feeling everyone would be ready to kick start the new year. The anticipation created over the months around the meeting & our special entertainment showed promise for an amazing weekend with our GFI Digital family. The festivities began on Friday, January 19th with our Manager's Meeting and a special surprise for recently retired Color Specialist, John Hauck. John was one of the original employees here at GFI Digital and we couldn't let him leave us without a true going away party made up of his friends and family who flew in from all over to join him on this special occasion.

Saturday morning we began checking our 500 (record setting attendance) plus employees and guests into the meeting. Each employee received a custom book bag with some cool swag inside upon check-in. The meeting began with our executive team rushing the stage with t-shirt launchers & Bruce Gibbs, our president & CEO shooting t-shirts out of an official t-shirt gun, which also could have doubled as a small cannon. With another great year in 2017 we take time throughout the meeting to review our achievements and recognize our 4th Quarter Award Winners, Annual Award Winners, Warehouse Warriors, Bonus Winners, Star Employees, & all of the departments who make our growth & continued success possible.

Following the meeting we invite everyone back for a nice evening including dinner, drinks, and live entertainment by Nashville's own Blackjack Billy. The entertainment warranted some country style attire with hats, boots, big belt buckles, bolos ties, and much more. All of the cowboys & cowgirls danced the night away with Blackjack Billy and a fun after party with late night snacks to finish up a long and rewarding day.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Award Winners as well as the individuals who won some amazing raffle prizes including 65 inch Sharp TV's & Amini's gift certificates on Saturday.

We are PROUD to have successfully had the largest meeting yet!

Thanks to all of our employees and guests who attended. It is crazy to think we had over 500 people present, with over 100 new faces this year.

We look forward to WINNING in 2018!!

To see pictures from the photo booth please visit

Annual Award Winners

Administrator of the year– Megan Brown (Jeff City)

Operations Employee – Jeff Kozik (STL)

Shop Technician – Kyle Stenbeck (STL)

Delivery Driver – Norman Hamler (Jeff City)

Service Rookie – Colin Loomis (STL)

Service Technician – Bob Hawkins (Central IL)

Service Manager – Chad Tuinstra (Jeff City)

Field IT Technician – Scott French (Central IL)

DigitalNet Tech Advisor – Patrick Breedlove (STL)

MPS Sales Rep – Adria Gilstrap (STL)

DigitalNet Sales Rep – Susan Medler (STL)

Sales Rep $30K – Jesse Bray (Columbia, MO)

Sales Rep $40K – Adam Reiss (Central IL)

Sales Rep $50K – Kirby Knapp (Central IL)

Sales Rep $60K – Debbie Hankin (STL)

Net New Sales Team – Andrew Gilstrap Team(STL)

Net New Sales Rep- Jesse Bray (Columbia, MO)

Sales Manager – Charlie Gilstrap (Central IL)

Sales Director – Chris McCullough (Mid-Mo)

Above & Beyond Employee – Sarah Greenlee (STL)

All I Do Is Win Award – Susan Medler (STL)

4th Quarter Award Winners

Administrator of the Quarter – Jennifer Barbour (Jeff City)

Operations Employee of the Quarter – Justin Sampson (STL)

Service Technician of the Quarter – George Meyer (STL)

Service Manager of the Quarter– Bucky Gooch (SOUTHEAST MO)

Field IT Technician of the Quarter – Rodney Rodgers (STL)

DigitalNET Technology Advisor of the Quarter- Joel Syndergaard (KC)

MPS Sales Rep of the Quarter– Adria Gilstrap(STL)

DigitalNET Sales Rep of the Quarter – Ben Stewart (Columbia, Mo)

$30K Sales Rep of the Quarter – Jesse Bray (Columbia, Mo)

$40K Sales Rep of the Quarter– David Roberts(CENTRAL IL)

$50K Sales Rep of the Quarter – Christy Parrish (SOUTHEAST MO)

$60K Sales Rep of the Quarter – Debbie Hankin (STL)

Net New Sales Rep of the Quarter - Luke Niebrugge(CENTRAL IL)

Net New Sales Team of the Quarter – Charlie Gilstrap Team (CENTRAL IL)

Sales Manager of the Quarter – Charlie Gilstrap (CENTRAL IL)

Sales Director of the Quarter – Kevin Simmons (STL)

Above & Beyond Employee of the Quarter – Liz Boeckman (Jeff City)

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