Technology Christmas List

Creating a "Technology Christmas List" for your business is a great way to set yourself up for success as you plan for 2019. Here are some important steps to consider when acknowledging your IT needs for upcoming projects.


In order to find out what you need, you will first need to evaluate your current IT infrastructure. Take inventory of items such as laptops, Data centers, desktops, security systems, and so on to account for what you may need or not need. By doing so you can begin to outline your business objectives and areas needing attention.


Create a list of priorities as it relates to IT. What do you want to achieve? How will you get there? The more specific your goals, the better off you will be when it comes to implementing solutions. Here are some examples: stronger security, disaster & recovery planning, and setting employees up for remote login.


To accurately set a budget for projects, you need to collect data. Figure out what you have spent this year and how this spending correlates to your wants and needs for next year.


Use all of the information you have collected thus far and create a timeline. You have evaluated your current IT situation, you have set goals/list of needs for upcoming projects, and identified the resources you need to get you there. Finding all of these pieces to get the ball rolling may be a difficult process. That is why our Managed Network team is here!


Although this may seem like the toughest part, it will be the most rewarding. The purpose of all of this is to make your business life easier. When it comes to your IT infrastructure, why work hard when you can work smart with a group of IT experts? Our IT team will not only steer you in the right direction, but will help create a seamless IT environment while your team focuses on driving business!

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