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April Employee Spotlight

Each month we recognize an employee for their growth & continued success at GFI Digital. For the month of April we spotlighted one of our Sales Administrator Supervisors out of Kansas City.

Meet Tyler Gathers, Sales Administrator Supervisor in Kansas City, KS. Tyler has been with the company for a little over 2 years , and we thought we would catch up with him & find out his recipe for success. Here is what Tyler had to say:

1. What keeps you motivated at GFI Digital?

I’ve always enjoyed helping others succeed. I stay motivated by helping others get where they want to be in their careers & accomplishing their goals. While I continue to grow in mine.

2. What is your Motto on Life?

Never be the smartest person in the room. If you can’t learn anything from the people you are around, you need to find new people to continue growing.

3. People would be surprise if they knew_______?

In my prior life (senior yr in H.S.) I was in a choir that toured Europe for 3.5 weeks. We sang in the Queen of England’s private

chapel, the Notre Dame, in Venice Italy, the Eiffel Tower, & many other venues. It was a great experience to get to travel throughout Europe at such a young age & I would love to go back.

4. What have your learned about yourself through Dale Carnegie training?

I was the Lobster stuck in my shell before coming to GFI. I had worked in restaurants since I was 14. It was all I knew. I was a GM of a restaurant & worked 50-80 hours a week, every weekend, every holiday. I was stuck until I couldn’t take it any longer & I took a jump to something completely different & jump into the digital technology industry. You can never grow and become a better version of yourself if you never take that leap. You have to go outside of your comfort bubble sometimes, but it will help you grow as a person and in your career.

5. What was your favorite part of your PCLUB trip to Cabo this past weekend? Everything was amazing. It was a wonderful 4 days that I got to relax with my wonderful wife and enjoy the company of some of my fellow co-workers. I have been working with other branches quite a bit over the past 6 months and it was really nice to get to meet their significant others and enjoy the sunshine and celebrate our successes.

“Tyler’s work ethic, ability to multi task, and organization make him a delight to work with for everyone across GFI. Since joining GFI Digital he has assisted sales reps in various locations, covering Mid Mo’s Jefferson City reps & reps in Central IL all while supporting his Kansas City sales and administration teams. Tyler is a model employee and will do great things in his career at GFI Digital.”

–Matt Schuler, Director of Service , Operations, & Administration

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