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Why GFI Digital Managed IT Services?

GFI Digital’s Managed IT Services give a business the opportunity to hire a team of experts to deliver IT Operations as a Service. By doing so, organizations can focus on revenue-generating functions and their core business strategies. Our go-to market strategy of providing a predictable cost for these services has allowed us to experience tremendous growth in the markets we serve.

However, many may find the cost of Managed IT Services to be too expensive. We find it is best to contrast the price of managed services with the alternative of hiring additional full-time IT staff and the tools required to effectively manage a given environment.

In most cases, GFI Digital Managed IT Services are not only the most cost-effective, but also the most efficient way to provide core IT support services. Managing servers is a great example; we manage servers for many clients of different sizes, and we’re incredibly efficient in doing so. Managing servers not only requires people with specific expertise, but also requires various management tools that are costly to acquire.

Security is another great example of a core function of IT operations that requires specific expertise and a constant and proactive management strategy. It is not a good strategy to have your Security Administrator be the person responsible for desktop support, phone systems, network support, etc. When you hire GFI Digital to deliver Managed IT services, you get a team of experts with the correct training and tools to deliver a high quality service.

Our Managed IT Services are delivering 96% Customer Satisfaction YTD and consist of the following:

• Core Infrastructure Management • Help Desk • Security and Continuity Management • Proactive Support • Strategic Consulting from our Customer Experience Team • Quarterly Business Reviews • IT Vendor Management • IT Procurement

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