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What Makes Our Managed Network Services Unique?

GFI Digital has been in business since 1999 and has grown into the 3rd largest Ricoh/Sharp dealer in the country. While office equipment was the core business in the beginning, GFI Digital has transitioned dramatically in the last decade.

This transition began when copiers started becoming networked, included firmware, had regular updates, and had potential to be hacked by outside threats. The days of simply rolling the machine up to the wall and plugging it in are gone. When this technology transition began, our copier technicians were constantly getting IT questions and were starting to notice problems in companies’ networks when they did installs and service requests. Given our commitment to service excellence, our president and founder, Bruce Gibbs, wanted to be able to help when customers had IT issues.

The two main ways in which we help customers today is through Managed IT/Managed Network Services (MNS) and Advanced Technology Services (ATS). Managed IT is the concept of releasing the burden of a company directly managing the entire IT function on their own.

When a company chooses to solely operate their own IT infrastructure, it can become a huge headache. Dealing with every constant fix/break issue, performing proactive maintenance, managing IT turnover, and planning a strategic budgeting on what is truly needed (just to name a few) can be cumbersome and distract from what is important for a company. This is why the managed IT model is so attractive in today’s business environment.

Some providers may throw around words like “partnership” and “customer service” loosely and do not actually establish a true relationship with a customer. In contrast, at GFI Digital we are absolutely fanatical about the customer experience and maintain true business relationships by supplying endless customer satisfaction.

Here are a few ways in which we practice what we preach when it comes to forming a partnership:

  1. We hire the best engineers in the business so we can guarantee high quality service. Our team truly cares about making our customers happy and are incentivized by customer satisfaction.

  2. We tailor our service to meet the needs of each individual customer and we are extremely confident in our ability to keep our customers happy by maintaining high quality care and service. GFI Digital truly has a goal to earn your business based on how we can best meet your company’s objectives.

  3. We strategize with our customers through quarterly business reviews in order to execute objectives and prepare for growth, upcoming challenges, and changes. Our customer experience representatives provide both a regular review of services rendered with feedback from end users, as well as expert insight on what a company needs now or needs to plan for in the future. This provides true value for our customers.

Information Technology is a complex business segment that is always changing and requires specialized knowledge and upkeep. The concept of managed IT and partnering with a technology company is becoming commonplace today because businesses benefit by focusing on their core business and leaving the IT to the experts.

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