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Benefits of Copier Leasing

The advantages to leasing office equipment far outweigh those of purchasing it outright. Our sales team is ready to listen to all your unique needs and help you figure out the best option.

Benefits of leasing:

  • Budget-friendly – no down payment upfront

  • Set time period – flexible (usually 36-60 months)

  • Reasonable and consistent monthly expense

  • Vendor retains ownership of the machine(s)

  • Equipment upgrades easier and more often (get new machines as technology progresses)

  • Never stuck with outdated equipment

  • Possible tax benefits

  • No stress of ownership and selling – vendor owns the machines

  • Managed print services and automatic toner deliveries

  • No maintenance burden – GFI Digital has you covered!

We have the best leasing rates in the industry!

Contact us to talk about your options for obtaining copiers and printers for your business.


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