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Do You Know About These 10 Sharp Copier Features?

The New BP Line of Copiers is full of helpful features to improve productivity, workflow, and security!

  1. 300-sheet doc feeder scans up to 280 images per minute

  2. Print from your mobile device

  3. Sensors auto-detect document size, orientation and set compression

  4. Responsive, customizable touchscreen control panel

  5. Microsoft Teams connector allows you to scan and print directly from Teams folders

  6. Strong security features such as BIOS Integrity Check at startup

  7. Anti-virus solution to help keep your documents safe

  8. Soft close drawers lessen noise for neighbors and have less wear and tear

  9. Native support for Universal Print

  10. New inner folding unit supports c-fold, z-fold, half-fold and accordion-fold


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