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Employee Workout Program Participants Completed 5,000 Hours of Exercise!

G-FIT is a company-wide virtual workout program for all the GFI Digital Employees. G-FIT adheres to our core values: ACCOUNTABLE, BALANCE, INTEGRITY, SELF-MOTIVATED, and FUN by encouraging everyone to get moving! Each G-FIT member is responsible for tracking their workout hours each day. As their hour count increases over time, they receive prizes! Currently, there are prizes available at 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, and 300 hours. G-FIT began about a year ago. The program currently has over 100 participants who have completed over 5000 hours of activity! As a whole, and individually, we have found G-FIT to be a huge success! 4 of the members have already achieved 300 hours and received the grand prize of either an Apple Watch or a Fitbit. This week, members will be awarded with a bonus prize t-shirt for the group effort in reaching the 5,000 hour milestone. Keep it up, G-FITTERS!

Prizes for Completed Hours

  • 10 Hours: Cooling Towel or Texting Gloves

  • 25 Hours: Resistance Bands or Lunch Cooler

  • 50 Hours: Yoga Stretch Band or Shaker/Water Bottle

  • 75 Hours: Yoga Mat or Dry Fit Nike Hat

  • 100 Hours: Duffle Bag or Foam Roller

  • 200 Hours: Air Pods or Hypervolt Massager

  • 300 Hours: Apple Watch or Fitbit

Top 10 Leading in Hours:

  1. Dusty - 488 Hours

  2. Patti - 304 Hours

  3. Lisa - 306 Hours

  4. Adam - 299 Hours

  5. Drew - 229 Hours

  6. David - 180 Hours

  7. Julie - 192 Hours

  8. Mary - 184 Hours

  9. Carrie - 174 Hours

  10. Shannon - 145 Hours

as of week of 3/8


Julie's G-FIT Journey

Winner of "Most Creative Workouts"

My fitness journey began with wanting to just get in shape, and as I continued it turned into so much more. I found myself having stronger determination and grit. I made promises to myself that I did not want to break, set goals I wanted to achieve, and go beyond. I would start out wanting to ride for 30 minutes and then turn it into so many miles. If I started out with a goal to walk an hour, then started feeling tired, I reminded myself that I started this and I will finish.

I look back at the pictures and realize how much this journey has helped bring me through our remodel, our family’s economic restructure, my empty nesting phase, and all the COVID seclusion. I’m a big believer in physical movement’s role in keeping a good attitude and I believe it has made all the difference.

The G-FIT family was right there with me – encouraging with kudos and thumbs up on the app we use! They have been giving me ideas on workouts and activities I could try too – keeping it fresh and new.

I loved the Most Creative challenge and trying all the “old school” moves – someone just gave me a Shaker Weight! That and Dance Dance Revolution were going to be my next posts for the contest, I just ran out of time.

Keep it up everyone! Build each other up, click the kudos button, comment, and just keep swimming!

Way to go, Julie!


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