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GFI Digital on the List of St. Louis' Healthiest Employers

The St. Louis Business Journal recognized GFI Digital as among the St. Louis region’s “Healthiest Employers!”

In 2020, we took initiative, finding ways to encourage employees to stay fit and active while working at home. We established our employee fitness program, G-FIT, to do just that. The employee camaraderie and morale that came with it was a bonus. This program, along with our outstanding benefits package, and many other development and betterment opportunities we offer earned us our spot on this list.

G-FIT is an app-based fitness motivation program that is free to employees. The program started in fall 2020 and over 100 employees are currently enrolled. Employees can track workout hours and earn rewards by being on active teams and individually.

As milestones are met throughout the program, employees can earn rewards. Currently, there are prizes available at seven benchmark intervals between 10 and 300 hours. Seven G-FIT enrollees have individually achieved 300 workout hours and received the grand prize of either an Apple Watch or a Fitbit. Recently, members of G-FIT collectively reached the milestone of 5,000 hours of working out and everyone received a workout tee as a bonus reward.

We have been thrilled at how this program has helped motivate and create fun competition among employees. We are proud of receiving this recognition from the STLBJ that reflects our commitment to the well-being of our employees!


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