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How Having Up-to-Date Multifunction Printers Can Benefit Schools

Schools have an abundance of print jobs every single week, whether its assignments the teachers are printing, or documents the administrators need. The wide variety of prints requires a machine that has a wide variety of features.

Think about all the different things that schools need to have on paper:

In the classroom / course materials

  • syllabus

  • assignments

  • worksheets / homework

  • handouts / notes

  • tests

  • course packs

  • booklets & book scans

  • report cards


  • student records

  • financial reports

  • bills / invoices

  • booklets

  • business cards

  • course catalogs

  • flyers & brochures

  • posters & signs

  • HR files

  • paychecks / pay stubs

  • envelopes

  • postcards

  • forms

  • letterheads

  • manuals

  • newsletters

  • school newspaper

  • school yearbook

  • event programs

  • calendars / schedules

  • certificates

All students, teachers, and staff deserve more than the out-of-date technology they may be using. Printer downtime can set teachers back on their lesson plan and cut into crucial learning time for students. Schools need technology they can rely on to get the job done and produce timely and accurate prints every single day.

We can help schools, whether they are K-12 or higher education, find the devices that best fit their individual needs. GFI Digital can help guide school administrators in exploring the capabilities of the latest multifunction printers, involving anything from paper size, paper weight, and paper texture, to color vs. black and white, and more. Modern printers have features they may not even know their school needs.

For example, teachers and staff may benefit from the ability to copy, scan, fax, staple, make booklets, punch holes, fold, and easily share their materials. Additionally, a school campus may have the need for faculty and staff to have user authentication before they can print. And lastly, schools need to have stronger security features to keep data and documents from getting into the wrong hands.

We sell and lease multifunction printers that can do all these things and more. Upgrading technology in a school can make a world of a difference. Today’s copiers and printers have much more advanced features for printing, sharing documents, and have stronger security.

It is important to help students and staff exchange ideas without compromising security or your budget. Contact us to learn more about your options for copiers, printers, and even managed print services!


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