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If You're Not Serving the Customer, Serve Someone Who Is!

The administration department at GFI Digital is known for living by the motto above. The teamwork and collaboration they display every day proves how seriously they take this ‘rule of thumb.

According to Connie Seabaugh, the administration manager in Jefferson City, the administration staff has responsibilities that go far beyond this motto. They not only do their best to serve customers, but they serve the entire team at GFI Digital. Our administration consists of the call center, purchasing team, accounts receivable team, and more. These teams serve employees in departments all over the company, along with the work they do directly with and for our customers.

Connie describes her department as a “one-stop shop” for customers and GFI Digital employees to quickly access information they need. “Everything we do here affects another department, and everything we do matters because all the departments are intertwined,” Connie explains. Each part of the administration department plays a different role in their success. Purchasing focuses on doing the best they can to make intelligent purchasing decisions to benefit the company, and gets sales representatives information on pricing for their customers. The call center ensures customers get the service or information they need as quickly as possible. Accounts Receivable supports sales, reviews billings, does audits, and addresses issues as they arise. The Order Processing Team is responsible for billing equipment orders and working hand-in-hand with GFI Digital’s leasing partners to complete each deal. The customer service team supports customers, as well as sales reps, with billing questions, account information, and auditing our daily invoices for accuracy by maintaining our existing contracts for timely billing.

The administration department manages billing with great care. Our customers often tell GFI Digital account managers how thrilled they are with the accuracy in billing. Administration maintains this accuracy by reviewing billings every day before they go out to customers. We know this is very important in the overall customer experience, and with over 300 years of combined customer service experience, our billing department has it down to a science.

This customer-focused attitude was not fazed by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Our call center did not skip a beat when we switched to working from home,” Connie proudly states. The customers could not tell the difference and she added that they owe much of the success of this transition to the GFI Digital Internal IT department for setting everyone up so quickly. The administration department continues business-as-usual, even if they are not in the office.

Being a team-oriented department means these employees support each other and help out wherever help is needed. If administration has a goal, they pull together as a team and get it done. Part of the reason they do this so easily is the high-morale. Having fun at work is important too! This department will plan snack days, fun breakfasts or lunches, and theme days. They wear jerseys when there is a big game and have popcorn and peanuts. These employees are quick to throw a baby shower or birthday party for their coworkers and are well-known across the company for going all out for Halloween every year.

The employees in the administration department are constantly lifting each other up. Each month, they vote on and honor a “star employee” with a framed award, a gift card, and shout-out in the company newsletter. They choose someone who stands out in the job they do by going above and beyond in their daily work, as well as maintaining a good attitude and sense of teamwork. The star employees in administration contribute to the family-like atmosphere at GFI Digital that works so well!


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