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Ken and the Customer Experience Team

Ken, a computer science major from Blackburn, has had a wide range of experience in his career leading up to his position as the manager of the Managed IT Customer Experience Team here at GFI Digital. His first job out of college involved programming guidance missiles at McDonnell Douglas. He also worked with our own Steve Azinger, Managing Partner, about 15 years ago, who recommended him for his current role.

Ken knew at a young age he was interested in technology and liked computers. As early as middle school and high school, he became addicted to the new emerging technology and enjoyed the challenge of figuring out how it all works.

Ken says of joining the team at GFI Digital: “I like the flexible way that GFI Digital operates. I have more influence and it’s easier and faster to make changes than other roles I’ve had,” he explains.

Ken currently manages a team of five busy Customer Experience Managers (CXM’s.) Since taking on this position, he has been continuously impressed with his team’s way of doing things and has noticed how much GFI Digital customers appreciate the personal touch this team adds to their interactions with our company.

He describes his team as “customer advocates” because their goals consist of making sure our Managed IT customers are satisfied with every aspect of our service. “They like to catch any potential issue while it is small so they never get to be big problems,” Ken says. To assure satisfaction proactively, the team stays in communication with customers. They are accessible for any customer need, and are only a phone call or email away at all times.

Every quarter, the CXM team members meet with each of their customers to discuss the partnership, talk about upcoming projects, get feedback, and make plans for their changing technology needs. Ken emphasized how he encourages the CXM team to be flexible and conduct these Quarterly Business Review (QBR) meetings to suit the needs of each customer, since every customer is unique. These meetings are conversational and are a key aspect of our service as a whole.

The QBR meetings give our team a chance to hear customer feedback and relay it. The CXM team does a great job informing our Help Desk employees of information they receive during a QBR so they can ensure situational resolution, improvements happen when needed, and give praise when warranted. It is also a chance to make sure our team is prepared for anything coming up in our customers’ businesses, such as moves, acquisitions, future technology needs, and more.

When asked why our Customer Experience Team stands out among similar teams at other technology companies, he gave several reasons. First, is the GFI Digital comprehensive program. “Our program is all inclusive, while other Managed Service Providers (MSPs) might sell services ala carte, and every new project is a new statement of work and bill.” GFI Digital is different in that we include everything in one low monthly cost.

He adds that our team gives more of a personal touch. Every customer needs something different and we can adjust our service offerings to those needs. We see our customers as partners and work together to ensure they are getting the most comprehensive service possible specific to their organization’s needs. The team strives to continue earning the positive feedback they receive every day.

Ken calls his team the “voice of the customer within GFI Digital.” GFI Digital makes our customers’ business part of our business. Our entire management team including President, Bruce Gibbs, are actively involved in keeping up with our customers’ feedback and updates.

To learn more about what it’s like to receive customer service with a personal touch, contact us today.


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